Gold Dust Sellers Please Read

CIF Direct to Buyer Nominated Refinery

 LBMA Refinery Sale & Purchase agreement available for seller review - UK refinery will only use this  
 document. Use email link below to request S&P copy.

 Absolutely positively no advanced fee payments for anything.
No random testing/assay. No payment in advance. No banking instrument upfront. No fictitious offers. No fake certificates. No 'visual inspection-payment-delivery' scams. No 'unconditional-transferable-payment instrument' scams. No 'escrow-account' scams. No '2% PB-to-be-considered-as-POP' scams. No 'salvaged-gold' scams. No 'verbal-agreement' scams. No 'flight-ticket' scams. Our buyers or mandates will never pay for Bullion Officer transfer costs etc. If you feel you have any upfront charges we will be very happy to report your activities to the proper authorities.

 DLC, BG and SBLC Instrument Issues
Let me explain what happens when the buyer issues these instruments, the so called seller activates the instruments with a 2% performance bond, they then take the instrument to countries like Turkey where they can obtain a loan of up to 80% of the activated instrument value.  The seller then use the money to purchase dust locally, take it to the refinery and have it assayed etc and sells the bullion.  They never deliver the dust, the initial instrument issuer ends up with their funds blocked in their account until they can obtain the funds for the performance bond. They are not out of pocket but neither do they receive any gold dust.  The original buyers loss is the inability to use their blocked funds and of course never receiving product.  This scam is extremely popular and no buyer should ever issue these instruments unless they want to help someone else get rich.

DO NOT ask us for any of these instruments any longer we will simply not play this game.


100 kg 'On The Ground' Purchasing in Ghana

If you are selling on Behalf this will not work, we will only deal with the seller that owns the gold dust.
Once we have the sellers contact information our local Ghana Rep, will contact the seller directly to view the Gold Dust, the rep will then arrange for smelting, assay and payment.
We need to have the following details:
  • Full contact information of seller/owner of Gold Dust.
  • Price per kg for On Ground purchase.
  • kg available for purchase.

You need to ensure the seller will pay your commission from the purchase price. 
We will update you as and when we can but will not take responsibility for your commissions.


  Email your offer for our Dust/Dore Buyers



 Without these Documents you will not be allowed to trade Gold from Ghana.

  • Gold Business Operating Licence from the Minerals Commission

  • Approvals Certificate from the Geological Survey Department

  • Export Permit

  • Export Declaration


There are now requirements from European Customs which stipulate that any Gold product being bought into Europe by a Seller or Owner must be accompanied with an Invoice from the Owner.

  • The Invoice must be from the Owner to the Buyer on Owner Letter Headed Paper with full coordinates.

  • The Invoice value must be for the agreed price per KG and include the total price for the contract quantity and quality.

  • The Buyer / Refinery will require this Invoice in order to facilitate customs clearance.